Helsitar products are hand-made and desing from Finland
Key Flag (Avainlippu)

Avainlippu label identifies a product that is made and designed in Finland.
HelsiTar, founded in January 2006, provides jobs for small sewing companies and manufactures quality products in Finland. HelsiTar has its own manufacturing facilities located at the island of Harvaluoto in Western Finland near Turku. We use mainly materials manufactured by Sweden FOW fabric (microfibre) and Teva Fabrics (enstex).


Pro training pocket
Original training pockets are hand-crafted in Finland by my own design.
They are perfect in summer warmth when any clothing just feels too much.
Training pockets are practical in any hobby and outdoor activity use all year round.

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Enstex Training pockets
Enstex Training pockets are made of strong and enduring “Enstex” with an adjustable elasticated waistband and side release buckle fastening on the front. They’re lightweight and easy to carry in for example pack bag.

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V Training vest
The cover textile is made of Swedish high-technology FOV waterproof,
breathable and light micro fabric.
Lining is made of breathable mesh fabric with a breast pocket.
The vest has reflective details at upper front/back and on lower pockets.

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Agility vest
The Agility vest is 6-7 cm shorter than the V-training vest and also slimmer.
On top of the back pocket there is a smaller pocket for the competition ticket.
The cover textile is made of Swedish high-technology FOV waterproof

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Toweling mantle
Toweling mantle is suitable for for many uses. Bathrobe washing or drying your dog after swimming, as well warp when wet cooling in the hot summer days, and training to improve performance. The autumn Cold Weather arrival at warp out the first heating of the in distress.

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Show Number Holder and Treat Belt
Lightweight Show Number Holder and Treat Belt has a double functionality; plastic document pocket for show number with velcro fastening and underneath it a treat pocket with zipper fastening. One size with maximum length of 120cm fits all

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Soft Shell Greatcoat
Outer fabric black soft shell fabric 94% Pes 6% Ea 340g/m2. In between,
breathable and water resistant membrane. 10000 mm water head. Rainmantle is a lot of reflectors around.
This is also designed to Willis in the mantle with the to fit.

Willis woolmantle
Willis wool mantle for cold weather, warm-up and waiting in the car, etc.
Genuine 100% sheep wool! Available in the colors: dark red, brown, purple and lime green. Elastic at the collar. Form-stitching at the back of. The reflectors on the sides and front of the. Bottom rail quick-release mount
Elastic loops back legs
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